R3 TFT Screen Adapter

  •  TFT LCD Module; Working voltage: 3.3V, it's not compatible with Arduino MEGA pins, so we make a shield for Arduino MEGA; With this module you can directly plug the TFT01 in the shield and stand on the Arduino MEGA board

  • TFT01LCD supports 8-bit mode, can use SD card interface and touch screen interface at the same time, adopts IC voltage division, makes the TFT display more stable

  • This LCD TFT01 Arduino Mega shield V2.0 is fit for 3.2 inch , 3.2W inch , 4.3 inch , 5 inch , 7 inch TFT LCD Module; The TFT01 MEGA shield supports 16-bit mode; Because of Mega board have enough pins for using SD card and touch function at the same time

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