• 12v 50a SMPS Rainproof?: Ensure that the SMPS has an IP44 rating, which signifies its level of protection against water and solid ingress. In the case of IP44, it's protected against splashes of water from any direction and solid objects larger than 1mm in diameter.

  • ?Operating Temperature Range?: Check the operating temperature range of the SMPS. It should be suitable for the expected outdoor environmental conditions. It should be able to withstand temperature fluctuations, whether it's very hot or cold outside.

  • ?Suitable for LED Lighting?: LED Sign Board, LED Strip, CCTV Camera, Industrial automation, Indoor DC Supply use

  • ?Connection Protection?: Pay attention to the input and output connections. They should be sealed to prevent water from entering the unit through these entry points. Sealed cable glands or connectors can be important.

  • ?BIS Certifications?: Complaince with relevant certifications and compliance with indian safety standards and reference certificate number: CRS2019-2001/R-41127515

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