Wireless Viberation Sensor 315Mhz

  • Wireless Viberation Sensor for protection against glass break

  • This sensor detects the viberations caused by attempted break-ins from the outside

  • It is very easy to install with the provided two sided adhesive tape with no further adjustment required

  • It works wirelessly with max. distance of 100m from the control unit without obstructions

  • Optional frequency of 315MHz

  • Powered by 23A 12V battery (included) with life of around 10 months

  • Sensitivity can be adjusted

Specification for SEWVI
Power A23 Battery (DC = 12 V-8.4 V)
Current 20 uA
Current transmission 3m
Transmission frequency 4330.2 MHz
Transmit duration 1 S
Host transmission distance 80 m (without obstacles, remove the antenna completely)
Temperature 10 ~ 40 Degrees
Humidity 90%
Battery life Approximately 12 months

Your Reliable Security Partner For More Than 10 Years